Terms and Conditions - Booking a Property with Cleethorpes Lettings

  1. Payment must remain 4 weeks in advance at all times.

  2. Dates booked are reserved only by payment.

  3. Payment arrangements/plans/spreadsheets can be made for each customer

  4. Cancellations at short notice cannot be accepted.

  5. The owners reserve the right to re-let the apartment if the payment is not paid in full, on time.

  6. You are responsible for the keys and fobs issued to you.  In the event of replacement being required the cost is  £10 per key.  Fobs are £50 each.  The customer will be charged for any such replacement/s required due to loss or damage.

  7. Cancellation should be notified as soon as possible.  If we are unable to rebook your dates no refund will be given.

  8. You are required to leave the property, fittings and utensils in a clean and tidy condition.  You are responsible for keeping the property, all furniture and effects in the same state of repair/condition as at the start of your stay.

  9. Housekeeping service takes place once a week.

  10. You are required to be respectful and considerate to the community living in the vicinity.

  11. No loud music or TV.

  12. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the buildings.  Cigarette ends should be disposed of respectfully not discarded on the floor.

  13. The owners retain right of access to the properties at all times.

  14. The owners shall not be liable for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property during your stay.

  15. The owners reserve the right to terminate your stay without refund if the behaviour of any person or persons staying in the apartment is considered unacceptable or if the number of occupants exceeds the number booked and paid for.

  16. If the property shall not be available for any reason, the owners shall refund the balance of the monies paid by the customer for their stay, on a pro rata basis for the date/s which it is not available.  The owners’ liability is limited to the refund of such monies.

  17. The owners should be informed as soon as possible of any breakages or failures in order to try to replace or rectify the problem.  You are responsible to us for the cost of repair or replacement of any such breakages.

  18. Candles or any such naked flames are NOT permitted in the properties.

  19. Chip pans or fryers are NOT permitted in the apartment.

  20. In the event of discovering a fire you should immediately

  • alert all occupants

  • activate the fire-alarm (if the property has one)

  • close all doors and windows

  • vacate the building

  • dial 999 and inform the fire-brigade

  • Inform Sarah Jane Watson on 07533 550 777 or 0781 0285 111

By making payment you are accepting the Terms and Conditions detailed above